About Me - Isaac Hadzovic
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About Me

Isaac Hadzovic

Isaac Hadzovic wants to fight for every resident of the 23rd district. He wants to make sure you have extra money in your pocket while also ensuring that your rights as a citizen are protected. He cares deeply about the community, and as the son of first generation immigrants, feels a strong sense of duty to serve and repay a community that has given him and his family so much. He wants to make sure that every citizen has an opportunity to reach their full potential.

A little background on Isaac Hadzovic.

Isaac Hadzovic was born and raised in Hackettstown, New Jersey. He graduated from Hackettstown High School and from Kent State University with a degree in Political Science and a minor in economics. His strong roots in the district and the surrounding communities led to his joining the Hackettstown Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter. He has volunteered all over northern New Jersey, and has a great desire to continue serving his community.


Isaac’s family has owned small business since 1987. He understands the struggles and needs of local businesses. Upon graduation from Kent State University, Isaac accepted a position within his father’s company as a business development manager. During this time he traveled to over 38 countries and honed his skills at negotiating. Along with English, he speaks Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, and Montenegrin. 


Isaac is a democrat who believes that New Jersey’s property taxes are far too high, leading to the flight of businesses and costing residents of our district valuable opportunities. If elected, Isaac will fight for lower property taxes and fight to bring business back to the 23rd district. He will fight to make sure every child, woman, and man is insured. He will fight to make sure Planned Parenthood is funded so that women can get the healthcare they deserve. He will fight to make sure our environment is protected so that we have clean drinking water and we leave a beautiful planet to our future generations. He will demand that every resident of New Jersey is protected by the Constitution of the United States. He will fight for equal pay for equal work so that a woman doesn’t have to work longer hours to earn the same amount as a man. He will fight to make sure every resident earns a livable wage so that a mother or father doesn’t have to worry if they can feed their family tomorrow. He will fight for every single resident of our great state.  


Isaac wants to make sure the men and women in blue feel safe patrolling our district by demanding that each department has enough funding to keep our officers and our community safe. He also wants to make sure the fire departments in our district are up to date and have the proper equipment to keep our communities safe. Firefighters volunteer their time and risk their lives fighting for our communities, a cost Isaac has seen firsthand and values dearly.